Updates! Fall/Winter 2022

My business and artistic ideas swirl like the stars in a galaxy, and it's by some miracle that some of them make it!  

But I am always blown away with the support that we get from our customers! Seriously, you sharing and engaging in social media helps to get us seen - your purchases make it possible to keep going, and your return purchases validate all the hardwork.  

Thank you!

So I wanted to give you an update on things happening in the next several months.  There will continue to be opportunities to purchase in our Facebook VIP group, so watch for Monday and Friday sales there, but we have couple of BIG events coming up, and will culminate to an end of the year website sale on Sunday November 20th at 6pm PST - this will be the last event to order as we plan to take the month of December off!!

Fall/Winter Calendar:

September -

grow with me jeans release along with an amazing collaboration!



October -

*galaxy drop!! hand dyed fabrics, new prints, and surprise applique designs. this will also include the rainbow octopus.

*unboxing of new prints!! these will be available as sample or custom requests as I'm able to fill and then will be available for made to order in early 2023!!

November -

*local Custer's Holiday Art's and Craft Show in Spokane, WA 11/18-20/22

*online Website drop 11/20/22 at 6pm PST

December - 

we are taking a break! oh and all those end of the year tasks that every other small business knows what I'm talking about. But don't worry - if all goes well we hope to make our biggest fabric order yet in the new year!  


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