Kids grow fast! You need clothes that last. Grow with me expanding sizes is your answer!

This last year has been tough, especially as a small business.

There has been more than a couple of times that I've wondered if the economy and it's impact on our sales were going to force us to close our doors.  The lower sales not only effected the support to our family, but it takes a toll on my mental health.  I question if it's me, if it's my design choices that people don't want to buy, and my creativity starts to dwindle.  It's hard to keep motivated to make new things, when we struggle to makes sales.  And I get it!  In this economy every one is struggling.

But it's times like this that really strengthen our business mission, and I'm reminded how much grow with me clothing has helped our family.  Clothing that expands through a wider range of sizes, has actually saved us money since we don't have to buy every size as my child grows at alarming rates.

Grow with me sizing literally changed our lives. 

It saved us money, minimized our closet storage, and helped us to hold on to those favorite keepsake items that we were always sad to let go of when he outgrew them.  We could invest in less and have it last longer because of the grow with me sizing and the quality fabric and construction.  These heirloom pieces not only lasted through my own child wearing them, but far past handing them down to others to enjoy.

What is grow with me expanding sizes?  

It's specially designed clothing to fit an extended range of ages/sizes in each garment that "grows with" your child.  The cuffs and waistbands are intended to be rolled at the smaller size range and to be extended at the larger size range, fitting your child for several years instead of months.  

Pictured is our pixie hoode peplum dress.  The fit of the dress is intended to fit more like a dress in the smaller size range and as a peplum top at the larger size range.  

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As a small business we know how powerful your voice is!  We also know, especially in this economy, that making purchases are not always possible, but there are plenty of ways to show your support.  Engagement in our social media, sharing our posts, and word of mouth can help spread our mission and what grow with me clothing is.  

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