Jordan's Story - Customer Testimony

When my son was born, we were gifted an adorable hoodie with bears on it. I was so eager to put it on him! The hoodie had cuffs and waist that were able to be rolled up to fit the size of the infant wearing it. This was my first introduction to ‘Grow with Me’ clothing made by Sew Beyoutful.

Bear wore that hoodie from the week he was born until he was he was almost 9 months old – longer than either of my boys have ever been able to wear one article of clothing while infants!


After putting my son, Bear, in that bear hoodie, I knew I had to have more clothing from this shop! I searched Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest until I found them! When I finally found the shop, I was so amazed to see the variety, high quality and unique designs of the handmade clothing offered by Angela. I loved them all and wanted them all!

Sew Beyoutful immediately became my favorite clothing to put on the boys. The Grow with Me clothing was something I had never seen before. The sizing allowed me to purchase an item and allowing my child to wear it longer than if it were just one size. I’ve found that it’s cost effective and something that allows us to get “more” for our money! Being a mom to two quickly growing boys, I was all over that idea! I love having something unique and expressive that shows their personalities.

Customer service is so important to a business and Angela is over the top amazing at what she does! I admire the personable and memorable experience we have when buying from Angela. We love Sew Beyoutful! Outfits made by Angela have given us not only high-quality clothing, but memories to go along with them. I will forever be grateful for the hard work and dedication that goes into making each piece.

Sew Beyoutful will forever be a “must have” in our home and we are so lucky to have gotten to know Angela and her family. We are so appreciative of them!

Thank you!


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