Dyeing isn't dead!

My first small business was started back in 2003/2004 selling dyed hemp and organic cotton fabric by the yard, and handmade clothing made from those fabrics.  I did solid dyed and what I termed "marinaded".  Those days seem so long ago, but I recently tried my hand at it again again, and found my love for doing it hadn't died!

While I don't plan to start selling hand dyed fabrics again, I do plan to use a bit in our current collection at Sew BeYouTful. Soon you'll be able to purchase adult and child cocoon cardigans as well as layered/gathered circle skirts. 

We will start by offering a one color- marinade (in avocado, rust, and eggplant) and a multi colored galaxy dyed.  With these I used several different techniques ice-dye, low water immersion, and bleach dyeing.  These are just our first runs after a long break, so am already figuring ways to make it better!  

This is how we started:

This is halfway with the galaxy dyeing: 

And these are the end results:

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